Bathers / Front Desk

Robin (Owner)

I'm a Las Vegas-based pet stylist and truly love what I do. It's a privilege to be able to work with pets in such an intimate and loving manner! I have lots of training and skills, but everything I do at Shaggy Shaggy Shake is done straight from the heart. My true passion is making a difference in the life of every dog that enters our doors.

Our Team


I just love being around the animals. I started off as a bather for a year. From there I knew what I wanted to do: I went to be a groomer. I have been grooming for four years now!


Everyone calls me Suds (like soap bubbles), because I work with dogs. I'm a pet stylist and am very proud of that. Where I'm from, Kolkata in India, we have lots of street dogs and I always took care of them there. I'm very fortunate to be able to live in this country and work with my best friend Robin. I love our salon Shaggy Shaggy Shake!


My name is Caprice and I've been grooming for 9 years. Working with animals is such a passion of mine. I love coming to Shaggy Shaggy Shake everyday to be loved by all the puppies. We are a family and I would love to take care of your fur baby and make them a part of our family as well.

Daniel             Steven                  David

Our team of pet lovers.

​Our team of experienced professionals will deliver nothing but the best! Specializing in shy pets, difficult pets, and special needs pets, we are truly dedicated to every last pet that walks through our doors.

Since we don't want to be strangers to you, allow us to introduce ourselves:

Allison        Valentina